The GOC has formed a strategic partnership with a medical communications company and a clinical research organization (CRO) to minimize overhead costs and to maximize our ability to perform quality research and educational programming.

The Geriatric Oncology Consortium (GOC) is a nationally recognized consortium of community-based oncology practices esteemed for its scientifically based research and educational programs focused on the older adult with cancer. The GOC was formed in 2001 with strong encouragement from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging.  Since its inception, the GOC has grown to over 160 sites nationwide performing clinical research and nearly 1,000 members participating in numerous educational programs.


Research. Education. Collaboration.


The mission of the GOC is to actively address age-based disparities in cancer research, education, and treatment using a national, community-based approach. As such, we strive to be the premier resource for geriatric oncology research and education.


•   To promote high quality research that expands knowledge of the aging process and cancer.

•   To conduct education programs for all healthcare professionals that promote better understanding of the unique challenges associated with the management of older adults with cancer, ultimately enhancing the  quality of care for these patients.

•   To increase awareness of the relationship between aging and cancer, and to provide the knowledge to empower the population to be an active partner in their healthcare decisions.